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How to put in contact lenses

Most people are able to put their lenses in and take them out without any problems, although it can take some practice.  Our optometrist’s will make sure that you are able to handle the lenses safely before you take them home but the following gives you some idea of how to put the lenses in.

  • Carefully remove a lens from its case, ensuring you select the correct lens for each eye.
  • Place the lens in the palm of your hand and add a little soaking solution.
  • Place the lens on your forefinger and look at the shape of the lens from the side.How to know if your contact lens is inside out.
  • Using the second finger of one hand, gently raise the upper eyelid.
  • Using the second finger of the other hand pull down the lower eyelid slightly …
  • … and gently place the lens onto your eye.