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Frequently asked questions

Can I wear contact lenses?

Thanks to advances in contact lens technology in recent years, just about everyone can wear contacts. For example, there are now multifocal contact lenses for people with presbyopia, and toric soft lenses that correct astimatism You may be a better candidate for contact lens wear than you think!

Can a contact lens get lost behind my eye?

No. A membrane called the conjunctiva covers the white of your eye and connects to the inside of your eyelids, making it impossible for a contact lens to get lost behind your eye.

Aren’t contact lenses uncomfortable?

Not true. After a brief adaptation period, most people don’t even notice they’re wearing contact lenses.

Can contact lenses can get permanently stuck to my eye?

While it’s true that a soft contact lens can stick to the surface of your eye but if it dries out, re-wetting the lens by applying sterile saline or a multipurpose contact lens solution will get it moving again.

Are contact lenses too much trouble to take care of?

Nope! One-bottle multipurpose solutions make cleaning and disinfecting your lenses easy. Or you can choose to eliminate contact lens care altogether by wearing daily disposables or 30-day extended wear contact lenses.

Can wearing contact lenses damage my eyes?

It’s true that contact lens wear can increase your risk of eye infection, but this risk is greatly reduced if you follow our optometrist’s instructions regarding how to care for your lenses, how long to wear them and how frequently you should replace them. Serious eye infection as a result of contact lens wear is very rare.

Will I find it difficult to get them in my eyes?

Of course you will – its not natural to poke something in your eye!. Although it might seem difficult at first, we will make sure you learn how to apply and remove your contacts before you leave their practice. Most people become adept at handling contact lenses much faster than they expect to!

Can contact lenses pop out of my eye?

Years ago, old-fashioned hard contact lenses could sometimes pop out of a wearer’s eyes during sports or other activities. But today’s contacts — including rigid gas permeable (GP) contacts — fit closer to the eye so it’s very rare for a contact lens to dislodge from a wearer’s eye unexpectedly.

Aren’t contact lenses expensive?

Not true either. Contact lenses can sometimes be less expensive than a good pair of spectacles.

Is there an age limit to wearing contact lenses?

Who says? With the advent of multifocal contact lenses and the use of contact lens materials that are specially designed for dry eyes, advancing age is no longer the barrier to successful contact lens wear it once was. Ask our optometrists if you’re a good candidate for contacts — the answer might surprise you.

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