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Cataracts are a condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressively opaque, producing cloudy areas in the lens. A normal, clear lens allows light to pass through to the back of the eye so the patient can see well defined images. If part of the lens becomes cloudy, light cannot pass through easily and the patients vision becomes blurry. The more opaque (cloudy) the lens becomes, the worse the patients vision becomes. The two most common types of cataracts are age related.

We offer both pre cataract operation and post cataract operation consultations to our patients.

Pre-Cataract Surgery Examination

We discuss the possible procedure with each individual patient. If the cataracts re not causing any difficulties for the patient, allowing them to see and live as they were prior to the cataracts, we will monitor the patient for any signs of degenerative change. However if the cataracts are causing problems for the patient, eg. they cannot see adequately whilst driving, sports and hobbies are affected, etc, surgery will be discussed. We will provide you with a self-assessment health questionnaire, allowing us to see your suitability for surgery by highlighting any other existing health problems and possible indications that make you unsuitable for cataract surgery.

If there are no issues with your questionnaire, we will refer you to your local hospital for a further consultation with an eye surgeon.

Post-Cataract Surgery Examination

If and when you are happy with your eye operation and the ophthalmologist has discharged you to our care we will then re-examine your eyes. At this stage we will provide a prescription for spectacles as necessary and complete a report for the surgeon who carried out your operation. We can also refer you for your second eye to be operated on, should it be necessary.

If there any signs of post-operative complications you will be referred back to your surgeon with the appropriate urgency.

If you’re unsure if you have cataracts, or if you have any issues with sight, we are here to help. Phone up, or pop by and we’ll arrange an appointment for you.