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Optician call “saves man”s sight”

A pensioner from the north-west revealed that a call to an optician helped to save his sight.

The North-West Evening Mail reported that 68-year-old William Eathorne attempted to book an appointment with his local optician after he started suffering vision problems.

After describing his symptoms, Mr Eathorne was told to take swift action by the eyecare professional.

“I told him I was about to have my tea and he said, “Mr Eathorne, forget your tea – get a taxi and get to the hospital immediately and don’t be fobbed off”,” he told the newspaper.

Mr Eathorne, a former crane driver from Walney, went on to reveal that the hospital discovered he was suffering from a detached retina in his left eye and other problems. He was successfully treated for his eye conditions.

In a simila article, Cheshire resident Lucy Hayes told the Daily Mirror that a routine eye exam led to her being diagnosed with a brain tumour.